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Satin, satin, satin

Satin, satin, satin

High density

High density

High density

Tabby, twill, satin

Tabby, twill, satin

ISO diameter (leisur

ISO diameter

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High combed strands

Super fine denier ya

Color spinning line

Air spinning

Modal Yarn

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Address:Xi'an Modern Textile Industrial Park No. 1369,Baliu five road,Baqiao District,Xi'an City

Xi'an textile Refco Group Ltd

  Xi'an textile group limited liability company (hereinafter referred to as the West Textile Group) is after the implementation of the policy bankruptcy in the former northwest No。3, northwest four cotton, northwest six cotton and northwest India old state-owned textile enterprises, set up by the Xi'an City SASAC injection, by Xi'an textile holding limited liability company responsible for the management of the state-owned enterprises。

  West Textile Group is located in the ancient Bahe River shore。。。

Te Luth Le reciproca

Te Luth Le type TC5-

Rieter E80 comber

Swiss Rieter G32 spi

JWF1516 compact spin

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Schlafhorst ACX-5 au

Schlafhorst ACX-5 au

Folkman Fu Jun VTS-1

Italy Carle Meyer ZS

Italy Carle Meyer SM

Japan's Tsuda Ko TTS

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Plus Summum Belgium

GA841 type automatic


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